Make desktop app for your Mac from any website or webapp


Forget about all those "app for" apps.

AppGenome will let you set your own URL, browser agent type (mobile or desktop) and will create your own desktop app that will stay in your menubar.

Innovative features

Limit is the only thing it doesn't support

  • Set your own URL of any web page or web app
  • Manually set your agent type (browser type): desktop or mobile. This way you choose which version of your website of choice AppGenome to load
  • Auto-height detection (automatically calculates the height of your desktop and decreases the height of the window accordingly)
  • Innovative navigational menu with controls and "scroll to top" button that will show and hide based on your mouse position
  • Shows the original website Favicon on the menubar for better reference
  • Manually set the width of the popup window so you can find the best width for each web site
  • Custom right-mouse-button menu that enables you to perform additional actions (set the current page as App's origin, copy the URL to pasteboard, open in default browser)
  • Supports files browse & upload as well as drag & drop
  • Mini quick preview of the links when you click with the middle mouse button (scroller) or pinch with the trackpad
  • File download support

It just rocks!

Use the web like never before.

AppGenome supports live quick preview of links

Mobile & Desktop agent support

Choose the way you want to use your favorite web app (as mobile or desktop)

Mini quick browser

Middle click with your mouse or pinch with the trackpad over any URL to get a quick preview

No idea from where to start?

AppGenome comes with a wide list of preset web sites and web apps for you

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